1969 C-10 Stepside: PROGRESS!


1969 C-10 Stepside frame off

We were off to a slow start but progress is finally happening on our 1969 C-10 Stepside.

RAD Auto Repair has been going to town with our shop project the 1969 C-10 Stepside! We have completely pulled it apart and sanded down the frame and painted it. The engine has been cleaned up, painted and added along with new cross member axles and spindles. We’ve lowered the suspention and converted her to disk brakes! Now we are onto the metal work on the cab.  This has been one of Rod’s dreams for a long time and it is awesome watching it unfold. Next up we plan to have the cab sanded, primed and ready for paint!

Stay tuned for continued progress updates on the C-10 Stepside. 1969 C-10 Stepside before 1969 C-10 Stepside frame off

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