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With the temperatures heating up, it is important to remember how hot the inside of a vehicle gets. Every year in Arizona we hear stories of animals and children being left in vehicles.

Arizona’s Hot Car Law allows good Samaritan’s to break a car window to remove a child or animal from a hot car, as long as the following guidelines are followed:

(1) the person has a good faith belief that the minor child or domestic animal is in imminent danger of suffering physical injury or death unless the minor child or domestic animal is removed from the vehicle

(2) the person determines that the motor vehicle is locked or there is no other reasonable means by which the person can remove the minor child or domestic animal from the vehicle

(3) before entering the motor vehicle, the person notifies a peace officer, emergency medical service provider, or first responder, or an animal control enforcement agency or deputy, if appropriate, of the fact that a minor child or domestic animal is inside a locked and unattended vehicle

(4) the person uses no more force than necessary under the circumstances to enter the vehicle and remove the minor child or domestic animal from the vehicle AND

(5) the person remains with the minor child or domestic animal until the person who is notified (as required above) arrives

Under the law, the good Samaritan is immune from any civil liability for damages incurred.

If you have children, or travel with your pets, remember to always double check the back seat of your vehicle. And if you feel that a child or animal is in danger, dont hesitate to remove them from the car and get the appropriate help.

Have a safe summer!!

Photo by Avi Richards on Unsplash

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