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We have great mechanics at RAD Auto repair.

I just felt the need to put a little shout out today to our mechanics. Everyday I come in and find them bent over, bent back, looking up, hunching down, and twisting in the most uncomfortable ways. These guys take a beating through out the day and their bodies are pushed to the max. It is easy to take for granted what these guys go through on a day-to-day basis. We think “Oh they are car guys they love this stuff!”

mechanic mechanicThough that is true there are many aspects to the job that they do not love… Getting in an old and smelly car with stains from who knows where? Finding where your kids stashed their lunch in your car one month ago. Cleaning out the engine bay of a vehicle that has sat all summer and been eaten by rodents. You can see where I am going here… To top it off here in Arizona when temperatures are over 100 for months at a time these guys are sweating it out in a hot garage over a hot car. So to our technicians here at RAD Auto Repair and to all the car mechanics out their willing to come to work so your car runs smoothly “THANK YOU!”

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