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Self Driving Semi-trucks in the Phoenix Area

You’ve probably spotted the Waymo minivans driving around Chandler and surrounding East Valley cities, but the company is now testing self driving semi trucks in the Phoenix metro area. The company is aiming to make truck driving safer and the industry stronger. Click the link for the original article from the Arizona Republic: What […]

Memorial Day

Today we remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedoms. We are grateful to those who have served and those that continue to sacrifice for this great nation! RAD Auto Repair offers a 10% discount to all veterans. Thank you for your service and sacrifice! We hope you have a safe Memorial […]

A Loud Ticking

A customer brought in their car because they could hear a loud ticking when the engine was running. After diagnosis, it was determined that the roller on one of the ends of the lifters had come apart. This was causing the lifter to ride directly on the camshaft, making the ticking noise. We ended up […]

Failed Turbo

A customer came into the shop because they noticed white smoke coming from their vehicle. They drove straight to the shop. After diagnosing the vehicle it was determined that the turbo had failed internally. The seals inside were leaking, causing the coolant to leak which resulted in the white smoke. Pictured above is the failed […]