Broke or Bent Axles: How can I tell?



How to tell if your axles are damaged.

Axles are made to carry power from the engine and use it to turn your tires. Axles can be very durable but because of their location under the car they can be vulnerable to damage. The most common reasons an axle will break are: Hitting a large bump in the road, driving with a bad carrier bearing, and over loading the vehicle with too much cargo.

It is important to pay attention to the warning signs and get your vehicle into your mechanic to avoid further damage.

These are the most common warning signs:

Clunking Sound

When putting the vehicle into gear you will likely hear a clunking or sputtering noise as the vehicle struggles to move forward. This happens when the transmission can not properly transfer engine power to the drive-line then the axles and then the wheels.


Many times after a collision or hitting a curb or pothole you might feel a vibration or rumbling sensation coming from underneath the vehicle. This is most present when accelerating or cornering the vehicle. You may feel as if your tires are wobbling. All of these are goof indications that there could be axle damage.

Car Will Not Move

One of the best indications of axle trouble is when your vehicle turns on and seems like it is running fine until you put it into gear and it will not move. This is most likely due to the axle snapping at the universal join. When you hit the gas the engine will only rev and not move forward.

If you start experiencing axle trouble do not delay in getting your car to your mechanic. RAD Auto Repair is a great choice for the East Valley area. Give us a call at 480-633-5505 and we will schedule your appointment today.


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