To maximize the life of the battery:

  • Never charge or jump-start a frozen battery; let it warm to at least 40 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • To ensure good connectivity, clean the terminals periodically with a wire brush.battery
  • When removing a connector from a terminal, twist it from side to side and pull gently upward. Refrain from excessive tugging or prying.
  • When reconnecting a connector to a terminal, seat it down firmly on the post. A few gentle whacks from a rubber mallet will do it. Don’t over tighten and strip the nut.
  • After securing the connector, coat the whole post with high-temperature grease. This will reduce corrosion and rust.
  • If you keep having electrical problems (battery dies, car won’t start, power is intermittent or weak), it’s not necessarily the battery. It could be in the charging system, normally either a bad alternator or voltage regulator. A mechanic can test the system to isolate the problem.

These general maintenance tips will extend the life of your battery.

* News has come to light recently that automotive manufacturers are experimenting with 36-volt batteries in prototype cars. Because of the increasing number of electrical gadgets finding their way into modern vehicles, it’s likely we’ll be seeing a more advanced electrical system in coming years.


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