The problem with cheap parts is… they are CHEAP!


cheap parts

When budgeting for automotive repairs on your vehicle and decide to go with cheap parts the common thread seems to be… You get what you pay for.

When we first started RAD we wanted so badly to stand apart from the “shady” repair shops that were always trying to get you to spend more money then needed.  We always went above and beyond (and still do) to find our customers the most affordable parts.  Since then we have experienced a common theme in cheap car parts… they are cheap!  Unfortunately there is a terrible down side to buying the cheapest part on the market.  It tends to fail.  And fail again.

Don’t get us wrong we love that we have a wide variety of options for our customers.  We always want to be able to work with someone and be within their budget.  Auto repairs can be extremely expensive and can really break the bank for some people.  That said, we also like to inform our customers of what they might expect based on the parts they decide to go with.

The first part we always recommend is the OE (Original Equipment) part.  That is the part that the manufacture used and recommends.  From here we still have price point options.  You can buy a cheaper OE part or a more expensive name brand one too.  What is the difference?  Here is what we typically say is the difference.  There are certain cheaper brands that you can go with but we always give the warning that they may fail.  They of course will be under warranty and replaced but that is going to mean another trip to our shop for you to deal with the same problem.  Now, if your budget is super tight and the time and hassle of possibly coming back to our shop is not an issue you can absolutely go with the cheaper part and know that is going to be covered for up to 1 year.  But what if you HATE coming to the auto repair shop and don’t like being stranded or having car problems?  Always go with the better quality name brand option.  It might cost a little more but you have a far better assurance rate of not having to deal with the same problem over and over again.  It is sad… but true.


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