Stupid Motorist Law


Since it’s raining this week, here’s a little reminder of what not to do!

Have you heard of Arizona’s “Stupid Motorist Law”? It’s actually section 28-910 of the Arizona Revised Statues. Basically it states that if you drive around a barricade that is closing a road due to high water and get stuck, you may have to pay for the rescue, up to $2000. So be smart, and avoid flooded roads, even if you think you can make it!

A few more tips for driving in the rain:

-Turn on your headlights, day or night!
-Slow down.
– If you do hydroplane, DO NOT slam on your brakes, ease off the accelerator and and continue driving, steadily.
– Keep your distance from other drivers.

Stay safe, and enjoy the Arizona rain!

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