Suspension: Keeping a smooth ride



What about suspension?

Keeping your wheels connected to your frame and all 4 tires on the road, suspension should be every drivers best friend!  Unfortunately, this is one of the most overlooked part of the vehicle.  The suspension system is what keeps your car from bouncing off of it’s tires, and you from hitting your head on the roof of your car every time you go over a bump.  There is no necessary maintenance of the suspension system but like any parts they will eventually wear out and stop working.

Hitting big potholes, minor crashes, or big bumps in the road are the usual culprits of suspension system failure.  These types of things start to take a toll on the already aging parts of your suspension system.

Here is a breakdown of the suspension system and its components.

  1. Shocks absorbers, Springs and Struts:

    • These absorb shock and vibrations from bumpy roads. These will start to leak and fail over time.
  2. Rods, Bars and Links:

    • These help keep your car stable while turning.  Will start to fail over time.
  3. Wheel Bearings or Hub Bearings:

    • These can be pricey but they allow the wheel to rotate and support the weight of your vehicle.
  4. Steering knuckles, Ball joints, and Control arms:

    • All of the above parts are connected to the steering knuckle and control arms through ball joints.  Steering knuckle do not typically wear out unless they are subjected to physical damage.  Ball joints however will fail over time. Typically once the ball joint is bad the control arm needs to be replaced as well.

What are the signs of a suspension issue?

Failed or failing parts will make a lot of noise.  Listen for creaking, whining, thumps, humming, thuds, clunks etc…. You may also feel your car pulling or wondering left or right. There may be a strange vibration when driving.  Listen carefully and have it inspected when you think something seems off.


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