Traveling for the Holidays? Make sure your vehicle is ready!


Happy Holidays! If you plan on driving for the holidays, there are a few things you may want to check before hitting the open road! If you haven’t already, consider the following:

– Check the fluids. If you haven’t had an oil change recently, now’s the time. Topping off all the other fluids is a good idea as well!
– Inspect your tires. Make sure that the tire pressure is correct and consider getting the tires rotated. Don’t forget to check the spare!
– Lights! Check those brake lights, tail lights, headlights and brights!
– Check your windshield wipers, you never know what
kind of weather you may run into!
– Brake pads. If you hear a squealing or squeaking noise, get them checked out. They may need to be replaced.
-Make sure your air filters are clean and free from dust and debris.
-Lastly, give the car a once over, checking the belts and hoses and looking for any leaks.

RAD Auto Repair is here to help and make sure you have a safe and worry free trip! Stop by and see us for any of your vehicle needs!

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