Vehicle Overheating? What should you do?



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There is nothing worse then being out on the highway heading to work when you realize your vehicle is acting funny and the temperature gauge starts to move to the red. Your first instinct might be to panic but rest assure we have a few tips that might help you get to the nearest station instead of being stranded on the side of the road.

  • Shut off your air conditioner and open all the windows.
  • Turn on your heater. I know this might sound strange but it will actually help to generate heat AWAY from the engine.
  • Keep a small stash of coolant in your car. If you don’t have coolant water could work but it is important to let your car sit for about 30 min before trying to attempt opening the hood or pouring any fluids in.
  • NEVER open the radiator cap while the radiator is still hot. This could lead to terrible injury.
  • If you see smoke or flames coming from your hood pull over IMMEDIATELY and exit the vehicle. Do not try to open the hood until the car has completely cooled down.
  • If you notice the fluid is completely empty from a serious leak do not continue to drive the vehicle. Call a tow truck and have it sent your favorite auto repair shop. (hopefully that is us 😉

As you can see there are a few things you can do if you are stranded.  The best option to prevent overheating is to keep up with your regular maintenance and have your car inspected.

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