What to keep in your glove box….


The end of December means the New Year is just around the corner! This is the perfect time to clean your car out and start getting organized. Here are some ideas for important things that you should be keeping in your glove box!

– A list of Emergency contacts. Many people already have them programmed into their phones, but it’s a good idea to have these written down in case your phone isn’t around!

– A list of any medical conditions you may have or medications you are taking. This is extremely helpful for first responders and medical personal in case of an accident!

-Pen and paper. Having a pen and paper is great to have around if your are ever in an accident and need to exchange information or need to write down a license plate number.

-Insurance and Registration. You don’t want to get pulled over and be frantically looking for this…

Maintenance Schedule and Owners Manual. It’s always a good idea to keep track of when you get your oil changed, tires rotated etc. so you can prevent issues before they happen! A maintenance schedule and owners manual will give you an idea of what your vehicle needs.

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!!

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