Why do auto repair shops have such a bad reputation?


bad reputation

Bad Reputation Shops:

There are so many bad reputation shops out there.  RAD really wants to change this and set a new example.

Unfortunately it is an all to common subject between drivers when talking about their recent visits to their local repair shops. “Every time I go there they try to sell me something” or “I just wanted an oil change and they gave me an estimate for $2000”. Why do mechanics always want you to buy something or fix something you don’t feel is broke?

The simple answer…

They make more money when you get more repairs. Most repair shops pay their technician based on a book hourly rate. Years ago when the auto mechanics union was established a bunch of mechanics got together and compiled the data of the average time it took a mechanic to complete a particular job. Thus bringing forth the “book rate”. This would ensure that mechanics got paid by shops appropriately based on the job they were doing and ensured shops got the maximum productivity out of their mechanics. Seems fair right? Right!…except of course for the customer. Now what happens is the mechanic is incentivized to make more work for himself hence finding more problems with your vehicle. So now what? How do you know if there is something really wrong with your car or if the mechanic is just trying to make more money?

I have the answer!

RAD Auto repair pays their mechanics salary. Ha! This means that they get paid regardless. RAD does not want our mechanics to be incentivized to “find” things wrong. We want them to be honest and we want our customer to know that we care about them and their vehicles. RAD feels that if our mechanics are paid appropriately and our customers are taken care of our shop will be successful. Even if you don’t bring your vehicle to RAD Auto Repair you can ask the managers of your local shop how they pay their mechanics. Is it based on a book rate and if so are the mechanics incentivized to find more problems? This can be valuable information to know when they finish your normal maintenance and approach you with a list.

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