Your wife is HOT! Might be time to fix your vehicles AC


Boy it is getting hot out!  Might be time to fix your vehicles AC.

No one likes sweltering away in a car on a hot, summer day.  Maybe your vehicles AC is not blowing cold air, or the airflow is not strong as usual, or maybe it just doesn’t work at all!  Now is the time to bring it by RAD and let us check it out for you.

The Biggest Complaint We Hear …. My vehicle AC no longer cools like it used to.
Your vehicles AC cooling system can diminish for a variety of reasons . A bad compressor, refrigerant leak, a congested or leaking tube or hose, a bad blower motor or condenser, or even a blown fuse can inhibit your AC’s cooling capacity.

These are the usual issues we run into at RAD Auto Repair.

Refrigerant Leaks
Refrigerant leaks in your vehicle’s AC system are the biggest problem causing poor AC performance. Fortunately leaks are the least expensive and easiest AC problem to fix!

Compressor Failures
A compressor is the pump that pushes the coolant throughout the cooling system and can break down due to coolant leaks or just because the components eventually wear out. Replacing a compressor can cost a few hundred dollars, but unfortunately there is no cold air without it.

Condenser, Evaporator Are Not Working Properly
These components combined have a lot to do with creating cold air in your vehicle. When one of these components starts to decline or doesn’t work properly, often the air from your AC unit will not be as cold as you would like.

Leaking Seals and Loose Hoses
Seals and hoses that dry, crack, or get clogged can impact the circulation of air throughout your vehicle. When these issues arise you will notice a decrease in air flow. Hoses and seals can normally be repaired fairly easily.

Electronic Modules Fail
If you can’t get the temperature inside the vehicle to set correctly then the electronic controls that govern your car’s temperature may not be working properly. You’ll need to have this checked using diagnostic equipment that can pinpoint the problem.

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